Sayer’s household and then he is actually interested almost couple of hours versus being imagined by the the the police

Sayer’s household and then he is actually interested almost couple of hours versus being imagined by the the the police

July 9th.-The newest Mayor had went to new Yearly Drinking water Frolic, with specific 30 men, including the Deputy-Gran, G. D. Palmer, Esq., Capt. Harmer, Capt. Pearson, S. P. Edwards, Esq., and many people in the fresh new Council.

July 16th.-The brand new Council solved one “the old tower towards Chapel Install getting levelled thereupon of Medical, and that brand new wall surface with the east thereof getting faced with white-brick and you may coped having cement.”

July 25th.-The newest Races got stored. The city and you may State Full bowl of ?fifty is actually acquired from the Hon. I. Sandiland’s “Luther,” which was “claimed” by the Mr. S. Palmer to own ?150 (their horse “Diana” powering next regarding the battle.)

When good hearse, with mourning mentor and you can friends of your dry arrive at the brand new Cemetery, it absolutely was learned that “zero requests had received so you can look a great grave,” while the funeral service needed to be put-off.

Aug. twentieth.-A improve had been from lights the town which have gas; the newest Gasoline Company which have laid down a giant fundamental, and you will faster the price of energy twenty-five percent.

P. 77 Next Collection, 1841–51

Sept. 3rd.-A meeting was actually held within Town Hallway, Wm. Steward, Esq., throughout the sofa, to possess creating the brand new hard-on of a far greater group p. 75 away from homes on Coastline south of the Regal Resorts (the brand new Victoria Strengthening Team.)

Sept. seventeenth.-Lord and Lady Wodehouse had been being at the latest Royal Resort; his Lordship had consented to patronise this new Strengthening Organization.

A meeting of your provisional Panel of Victoria Strengthening Providers is kept, and you may ?8,000 was subscribed towards objects of Organization.

Oct. eighth.-This new prospectus of Victoria Strengthening Organization seems within thing, the Administrators getting William Steward, William Baynes, Benjamin Dowson, Richard Ferrier, William Johnson, Robert Palmer Kemp, John E. Lacon, George Danby Palmer, Thomas Fowler Steward, and you can Charles Symonds, Esqs.

p. 76 Good deputation got waited into the Mr. Samuel Palmer and shown a good requisition to help you seksikäs romanialainen tytöt him, as set up nomination on place of work regarding Mayor. Mr. W. Johnson showed it, closed because of the 40 people in the fresh Council.

Nov. 26th.-Richard Ferrier and Charles Cory, Esqs., would not afford the Poor’s Speed, and you may a vexation warrant was granted, under hence a-clock, a silver cup, and you will a cap stand is captured. The thing ones gentlemen looked like so you’re able to argument the fresh new authenticity out-of a rate away from 1s. 3d. in the ?.

Dec. tenth.-A public fulfilling was actually stored on the particularly purpose whenever the newest address to help you Their unique Majesty was moved from the Hon. and you can Rev. E. Pellew, and you can seconded because of the Wm. Steward, Esq.

Hence towards Duke regarding Kent by Sir George Parker, K.C.B., and you may J. G. Fisher, Esq., S. Palmer, Esq., Sir E. H. K. Lacon, and you can Sir George Parker, had been deputed to present instance contact.

Dec. seventeenth.-A conference of Shipwrecked Mariners’ Neighborhood had been stored. Neighborhood panel following consisted of Messrs. Grams. W. Manby, Isaac Preston, W. J. Hurry, Grams. D. Palmer, J. W. Shelly, Costerton, Capt. Harmer, J. Grams. Fisher, D. Turner, Gunthorpe, Ambrose Palmer, W. Barth, John Penrice, Yards. Butcher, and Capt. Pearson.

ong the flags yet another that by the workmen from Mr. Brand (tailor) on what try decorated a good lifeboat, on the slogan “Complete Abstinence, the fresh new Drunkard’s Lifeboat.”


Feb. eighteenth.-A location panel was actually formed about the the “Aquatic Penitent Female Refuge,” on the Hon. and you will Rev. E. Pellew, president; Mrs. C. S. D. Steward, treasurer; and you may Mrs. G. Danby-Palmer, secretary.

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